Custom Program Highlights

Blanket Limit for Buildings, Business Personal Property, & Stock

Wine Caves, Solar Panels, Winery Equipment and Cooperage Included as Covered Property.

Harvested Unprocessed Fruit, Wine In Process, and Finshed Products Included as Stock

Flexible Valuation Options for Wine Stock Including  Agreed Value and Market Pricing

Replacement Cost for Buildings & Business Personal Property

Coinsurance Penalty Waived

Wine Contamination (no sublimit)

Wine Leakage by Operator Error, Tank Implosion or Valve Malfunction With Any Limit Available

Damage to Stock – On/Off Premises Power Failure

Damage to Stock – Nesting, Infestation or Discharge or Release of Waste Products or Secretions by Insects, Birds, Rodents or other Animals

Blending Errors (optional)

Trellis and Grape Vines

Loss of Business Income

Extra Expense

Mobile Equipment

Property In Transit

Contingent Transit

Accounts Receivable


Contract Penalties

Debris Removal

Dependent Business Premises

Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage (optional)

Electronic Data

Fine Arts

Indoor & Outdoor Signs

Money and Securities

New Locations or Newly Constructed Property

Ordinance or Law Provision

Outdoor Property

Packaging Errors

Personal Effects and Property of Others (other than stock)

Pollutant Clean-up and Removal

Property at Other Locations

Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Lawns

Unintentional Errors

Unnamed Locations (optional)

Utility Services – Business Income & Extra Expense

Utility Services – Direct Damage

Valuable Papers and Records

Water Processing